Monday, April 21, 2014

Bring Craft Beer to Rogers Arena and BC Place!

Correction, we want CRAFT beer
It’s time our local sports venues looked past the all mighty pay-to-play contracts and started to supply craft beer to its fans. We want good beer to drink while supporting our teams! Thus, this petition. There’s a chance that the arena/stadium owners and/or operators will actually listen to its fans and throw us a craft beer bone. If you want better beer choices at these venues, sign the petition and share it with your craft beer loving friends.
November 2014 Update

The Pacific Coliseum and PNE were the first to start selling local craft beer in September when they opened up Craft Corner by Parallel 49. The PNE is seasonal, but you’re now able to get Parallel 49 Hoparazzi, Gypsy Tears, Craft Lager and the latest seasonal beer at all Vancouver Giants games and Coliseum events.

Rogers Arena, under the guidance of Jay Jones, Director of Wine & Beverage, installed local craft beer in two newly renovated areas near section 101 and 301. On November 11, they debuted three taps dedicated to local craft including Central City Red Racer IPA, Parallel 49 Gypsy Tears and Red Truck Lager.

I know which sections I’ll be buying my beer from on game days – hopefully many people will and more taps will be added as consumer demand warrants. Go Canucks and Giants Go! (and go craft beer – woo hoo!)

Still waiting for an update from BC Place but I’ve heard rumours that they are getting craft beer. Let’s hope!


We, the loyal supporters of the Vancouver Canucks, Vancouver Giants, BC Lions and Vancouver Whitecaps hereby respectfully request the option of craft beer in Rogers Arena, Pacific Coliseum and BC Place. Team owners and management are always asking what they can do to enhance the fan experience. Offering a choice of locally brewed, fresh, adjunct-free craft beer would definitely augment the experience for sports fans.

Why should Rogers Arena, Pacific Coliseum and BC Place serve craft beer?

1.      The market share for craft beer has more than doubled in the past 4 years from 9% of all beer sales in 2009 ($48M) to 19% in 2013 ($174M). According to the Liquor Distribution branch Large breweries’ sales declined nearly 4% last year where microbreweries shot up 38%. There is a growing demand for craft beer in BC and as other arenas and stadiums have done in the US, our Vancouver sports facilities should offer this choice.

2.      We’re not drinking the beer that is currently being offered thus, you are losing valuable revenue. Seriously, we’re not drinking. Anything. Do the math.

Pay to Play. We are aware that you have contracts with the big breweries and that they pay you to have exclusivity to a certain number of taps. Although legal, do you think it’s a fair practice to only serve beer from those companies that can afford to pay you $500K - $1Million? Having these fees in place prevents craft breweries from competing with the macro giants – these craft breweries are located within a few kilometres of your facilities and are your neighbours.

We know that the ownership of the Canucks, BC Lions and Whitecaps are very supportive of their communities and as craft breweries are a large part of our community, supporting them will help to sustain the growing market and the people they employ.

We implore you add craft beer to your facilities. Add one or two taps of craft beer to start – or canned/bottled craft beer, promote it at your facilities, and watch it grow in popularity. Clean your tap lines every three weeks, including the macro lines, to ensure that the beer is being served in the best possible format.

Join the craft beer revolution and your fans will enjoy their experience even more.