Monday, October 7, 2013

Steveston Beer Fest!

My quaint neighbourhood of Steveston, in Richmond BC, has a great selection of craft beer at O’Hare’s GastroPub, Hog Shack, Blue Canoe, Mandalay Lounge & Steakhouse, Gudrun,  The Buck & Ear and you’ll even find a few at Tapenade Bistro. Not bad for sleepy little Steveston, not bad at all.

O’Hare’s decided to take Richmond beer drinkers to the next level by hosting the inaugural Steveston Beer Fest on October 5. The event sold out weeks in advance to 450 happy beer drinkers – that’s pretty damn impressive for their first year. What was even more notable was that the net proceeds from the event were donated to the Richmond Christmas Fund which, I hear, amounted to more than $10,000!

I’ve been to many beer events and believe me, they’re not always organized well or held in a good location. A huge hat tip to O’Hare’s as the historic Gulf of Georgia Cannery was a cool venue to host the event. Built in 1894, the 55,000 s.f. museum allowed for multiple beer and food tables to weave in and around the canning equipment. The evening flowed seamlessly and the crowd appeared to be having a fantastic evening.  Over thirty-five breweries were represented ranging from BC craft beer favourites, imports and a couple of bigger breweries that most beer drinkers would recognize. The event wasn’t just for the beer geeks, it was meant to appeal to the macro beer drinkers – who would likely try craft and would live happily ever after in the magical world of craft beer, unicorns and bunnies. It’s nicer on this side.

Steveston is a true community and this was evident by the list of non-beer vendors that participated in the festival. I’ve never been so full after a beer festival but it was difficult to walk by all the delicious food samples. Other festivals should take note of this as the food was included in the price of admission ($40) and it ensured that people had many food options. The food was fantastic and included all my favourites: Bean & Beyond CafĂ©, Bell’s Bake Shop, Blue Canoe, D Original Sausage Haus, Hog Shack Cook House, Mandalay Lounge & Steakhouse, O’Hare’s GastroPub, Pajo’s Fish & Chips, Steveston Pizza and Tapenade Bistro.


Since O’Hare’s is a six minute walk from our house (not that we’ve timed it), we’ve gotten to know Erinn & Grant from O’Hare’s over the past couple of years. They are fantastic people, huge supporters of craft beer both in their pub and their neighbouring liquor store, and give back to their community. It’s apparent from the local vendors that supported this event that they are well respected in the community.

Errin & Grant
I’m looking forward to year two of the festival!
Huge thanks to Erinn, Grant and Krystle from O’Hare’s for all their hard work planning this event and putting Steveston on the map. Cheers!  


(check their websites to see the brands they represent)