Monday, April 23, 2012

Pumphouse & Beerthirst: Alameda Long Table

What do you get when you cross a Yellow Wolf with a sexy woman? Why you have the Alameda Brewing long table and the burlesque group, The VanDolls. If you read my blog on occasion, you’ll know that we don’t miss many of the long tables at The Pumphouse. For $40, you are treated to a five course meal with beer pairings from Beerthirst. It’s always a great meal, fantastic beers (that you’ve likely not had before) and awesome people. These dinners sell out fast as they usually limit it to thirty tickets and this dinner was no exception. They sold out in the first week and thus, another thirty tickets were released and snatched up. Hmm, do you think the allure of half-naked women after the dinner had anything to do with it? Nah, it was the beer. Actually, since we were just in Portland the previous weekend and tried all twelve on tap at the Alameda Brew House, I can say with certainty that the beers were amazing (boobie comments will have to come from the guys).

The dinner menu was inspired by chef Daniela Iaci’s recent trip to Columbia. You ready?

Course One
The soup consisted of shredded chicken, potato, corn, red pepper and just the right amount of cilantro. It was a good pairing with the Klickitat as the beer didn’t compete with the soup. This is a great pale ale with a vibrant citrus taste.

Ajiaco: Colombian Potato & Corn Soup
Alameda Klickitat Pale Ale
Course Two
The empanadas paired well with the IPA but I would have liked a bit more spice in the empanadas – and the IPA could handle it. This organic ale had earthy hops and was a great amber colour.

Empanadas Stuffed with Beef & Cheese
Alameda El Torero Organic IPA
Course Three
Bet you were wondering why I was crossing a yellow wolf with a woman earlier, well this is the bad boy I was referring to. The Yellow Wolf was one of my favourites and it was a perfect pairing with the Cerviche, which was served with tortilla chips. Truly an amazing combo.

Ceviche de Vieiras y Camarones: Ceviche with Scallops & Shrimp
Alameda Yellow Wolf IPA
Course Four
It was nice to see a chef pair a stout with something other than a dessert, which we all know goes well together. The paella had lots of flavour and the stout’s cocoa malts brought out an interesting pairing.
Stout-infused Paella: Rice, Pork, Chicken & Seafood
Alameda Black Bear Stout XX
Course Five
OMG. nom nom. OMG. This was fabulous! The Bad Bunny (which is an awesome name, Alameda peeps) and the cake with caramel sauce were meant to be. Do you, Bunny, take Torta to be your partner for life? Damn straight. I can also see a Bad Bunny float in my future – wouldn’t that be awesome?

Torta de Tres Leches con Arequipe: Three Milks Cake with Caramel
Alameda Bad Bunny Imperial Cream Ale

Dinner was done, the awesome Beerthirst guys gave out bottles of Bad Bunny to some lucky recipients and now, on to The VanDolls Burlesque! It was Pumphouse general manager, Tony Iaci’s birthday so one might think that he gave himself a little birthday present. Just maybe. But given the reaction from the crowd of men and women, the show was a hit. The Skeletor dude that collected the discarded clothing didn’t really fit with the curvaceous women, but maybe he was someone’s brother. I didn’t take any photos of the women but if you check The Pumphouse’s website or Facebook page, there are some posted there.

The Pumphouse long tables are usually monthly but I suspect that since they’re hosting, along with Beerthirst, the Vancouver Craft Beer Week: Elysian Tap Takeover & Vanbrewers’s Home Brew Competition on May 24th, this will be their monthly beer event.  We’ll be there to sample the twenty (yes, twenty!) taps from Elysian including some that have never been available in Canada before. So May 25th will be a vacation day, me thinks.

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