Thursday, February 9, 2012

Don't call me an ale when you can call me a Surly Blonde...

This has probably been done by a hundred other beer bloggers, but after sampling a Yellow Snow IPA by Rogue, it got me thinking about all of the other cool beer names out there.

What other product can you be so wild and creative as you can with beer names?

Baby food – Heinz “Eat it, don’t’ Spit It (with gross mushy peas)” probably wouldn’t sell to many parents. Well maybe the Dad’s with some humour but they likely lack any good sense (the wife will  give you the look when you bring that home).

Toilet Paper – Purex “Super Duper Strong for your Pooper” – see comment about Dad above.

Coffee – Nabob “Roasted so you Look Toasted (with extra caffeine)”

Ok, a marketing wiz I’m not, but you get the picture, beer names get to be fun! Here are some of my favourites:

Kilt Lifter – Moylan’s and Pike (I smell a TM infringement suit)  
Midas Touch, Bitches Brew, Afternoon Delight, Fun = Yes – Dogfish
Amnesiac, Dr. Funk Dunkel, Surly Blonde – Phillips
Dead Guy Ale, Puckered Guy – Rogue
Back Hand of God Stout - Crannรณg
Sword Swallower – Coney Island
Fat Tug, Old Cellar Dweller, Bird of Prey - Driftwood
Angry Boy Brown Ale – Baird
Black Death Porter, Angry Scotch Ale, Blood Alley Bitter – Russell
Le Freak, Palate Wrecker – Green Flash
Trashy Blonde, 5am Saint, Tactical Nuclear Penguin, Sink the Bismarck! – Brewdog
Ruthless Rye – Sierra Nevada
Thirsty Beaver – Tree
No Justice, Anarchist – Cannery
What the Huck, Big Caboose – Fernie
Confounded Mr. Sisyphus, Fluffy White Rabbits – Pretty Things
Four Play – Upright
Black Widow – Tenaya Creek
Little Sumpin’ Wild, Hairy Eyeball, Undercover Investigation Shut-Down Ale - Lagunitas

And, of course, there are a bazillion (real word) ales that put a spin on the Hops. Hoptimum, Hop Ottin, Hop Head, Hopsickle, 9 Donkeys of the Hopocalypse, Hop Stoopid, Hoperation, Hopyard, Hopopotamus and many, many more.

And due to some late night tweeting with Tenaya (@MrBikerBrew, @LasVegasBeer) and some fellow beer geeks (@BeerthirstTom, @Vancitybeerguy, @WhatsForLunchBC), we thought that their new double IPA should be Hop Ride VENOM. I won’t discuss how we got to that name as it’s a long and somewhat odd journey, but we expect a hat tip if you see that bottle on the shelf one day! p.s. we also think a painted bottle with a lady and snake wrapped around her would be appropriate. You’re welcome, Tenaya. J

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  1. Can't believe how many of these I've actually tried. Guess I'm all about a cool label and a clever name. I would definitely buy any bottle painted with a snake wrapped around a barenaked lady (and I don't mean Ed Robertson)!