Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sorrento - October 16, 2010

We set out this morning to find another power adapter for my trusty little Samsung  notebook – it’s one of those three prong thingies and my other adapter is only for 2 prongs. Technical, I know. So we head down the Bermuda triangle again but no luck on the adapter or the tie for that matter. And yes, we’ve now officially given up and Kelly has learned a very valuable shopping lesson that only women know. Buy it when you see it. Let me repeat, if you like it, buy it when you see it. I think he knows now. We check out of the Westin Excelsior and head toward the Metro to get to the train station. Kelly actually found an adapter for my computer – in the same store at you could buy pistols, knives, swords and bongs. Bongs? Yes, bongs. Nothing like a good hit of crack before you hop on a plane? Uneventful train ride to Naples. Once we got into Naples, we had to go a few blocks to the Circumvesuviana, which is the local train. Kind of like their above ground Metro I think. Originally, we were thinking about going to Naples for a day trip but neither of us saw anything worth coming back for. Maybe that’s not fair as we’re just judging the grungy walk around the train station, but I think we’ll stay in Sorrento, Capri and Positano for our three days here. The only real reason we wanted to go to Naples was to try what’s supposed to be amazing pizza at Pizeria da Michele. I think we’ll survive without it (well, hopefully Kelly will.)
The train to Sorrento stopped at about 25 stations before we got here, which is the end of the line. Lots of graffiti and tagging all around the station and everyone hangs their wash off the balcony. Mind you, I didn’t see any unmentionables waving in the wind, just mentionables. Maybe we’ll take the water taxi back to Naples and grab a cab to the train station. Less graffiti in the water.
We’re staying at the Hotel Il Faro in Sorrento, which is on the water and mere steps from the ferry to Capri and Naples. I thought the elevator at the Wesitn in Rome was tiny – this one barely fit our two suitcases and us. Our room is also pretty small but that’s ok, we don’t plan on staying in the room much. Nice water view from our hotel. They brought us our free bottle of wine. Not exactly the best swill I’ve had but c’est la vie. We headed out to check out the stores in the town centre –up about 100 stairs. The calves say thank you. I bought three scarves for 5 euro and necklace for 12. Learned my lesson from the Rome Bermuda triangle. We were in another store when it started to pour. And I mean pour. Buckets of rain coming down and all the smart locals were hiding. Us, on the other hand, we headed out to look for a restaurant recommended by Trip Advisors. Kelly Mapquest Burbidge said that it was just up hill (in the pouring rain) a few blocks. Up we go. Nadda. We stop and ask for directions – go back from once we came and ½ a block to the right. We find the restaurant only to have them tell us that 6:15 is too early. Go away. Can we stay and have a drink? No. Sigh. Ok, so we go find a restaurant that’s open. Kelly’s ravioli and chicken wasn’t bad but my pork was very tough Perhaps previously frozen like last night’s veal. Oh well. Interesting that no restaurant server has poured us more than our first glass of wine or asked us about how our dinner was. I ate about 1/3 of my pork but that must be the norm. We thought we’d head out to a bar and have some grappa but couldn’t find one nearby and I was freezing as my jacket was still soaked as were my jeans. So we stopped at a store and grabbed two large Peroni to drink back at the hotel. I sat in the washroom with my beer perched on the bidet blow drying my jeans. The hair dryer is something else – it looks like a vacuum hose. Now I’m downstairs in the lobby to post as the WiFi in the room isn’t working (apparently due to the weather). Tomorrow, weather permitting, I think we’ll head to Capri. Hope it’s nice out!

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