Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sorrento & Capri - October 17, 2010

We both had a crappy sleep last night – definitely not a Westin heavenly bed. More like an Il Faro lumpy special.  Heard someone wheeling their luggage down the hall around 4am, street cleaners at 6am and could have swore I heard a plane. While we were sleeping, three cruise ships snuck into port. We woke to find gaggles of touri milling about everywhere. Ahhhhh! My parent’s people were invading Capri today so we thought we’d go to Positano. Unfortunately, there were no sailings to Positano as the waves were quite big today. So we figured we’d tough it out and go to Capri with 10,000 of our closest cruising pals. Kelly even dressed the part in his Tilley pants and top. He wouldn’t go for the floppy hat though. Spoil sport.
We grab some tickets to Capri and the impatient teller keeps yelling Prego! Prego! Geez, do I look chunky in these pants? Oh, it means you’re welcome. It must have another meaning too because she was using it to hurry along the people in front of us so we could buy tickets.
Lots of stray cats milling about the ferry terminal. Looks like someone fed them some fish, though. I had to get in a few pets with a couple of kittens. Very tame and cute. It’s no dog lovin’, but it was the best I could do under the circumstances. Ferry ride to Capri was a bit rough, but no projectile vomiting on board so all was well. Got off the boat and had a beer. It was almost noon I’ll have you know. Do you know that we went a day without an espresso or a gelato yesterday? I know. Crazy talk. Well we remedied the gelato fiasco today but have to say, it wasn’t as good as San Crispino’s. We took the funicolare (tram) up the hill for 1,40 euros – in comparison, our train ticket from Naples to Sorrento was 3,40 on the graffiti express. Took some beautiful pictures of the view and my favourite - down alleys, paths, up stairs and the odd beautiful door. Our travels took us off the beaten path, however, and it wasn’t until I suggested to Gulliver Burbidge that he ask the local guy going into his house to find out where we were. Turns out we’d walked to the opposite side of the island from the ferry terminal. Well we had a nice walk and got some great pictures. So back up the hill we went and took the tram back down. The only thing I bought was a soap dish from a local artist. He had some nice pieces in there that were unique – unlike every other tourist trap we walked past. Every high end designer you could think of had a shop there too. Not that we went in those stores. They would have pooh pooh’d us.
Came back to Sorrento late afternoon and browsed through the shops by our hotel. Big rip off. Probably to get the people going back to the cruise ships who don’t have time to go up to the Piazza. One of the restaurants around the corner advertised beach seating… they had two tables for two plunked in the sand. Hope the tide doesn’t come in. The corner store sold sandwiches and one of the more interesting one was a Panini with chicken strips and fries in it. Really? Who would eat that.
Per usual, we were parched so we went up to the Piazza for a beer and a snack. Ended up having a prosciutto and funghi pizza to share. Big surprise, more pizza. This restaurant didn’t have a service charge, which the one last night and another restaurant we checked out did. Not sure what the service charge is for. It’s not like you actually get much service. Other than the first pour of wine, you’re on your own. And no one comes back to make sure you’re enjoying your meal. Eat up, people. Sitting at a table two down from us were some cruisers from England. It was like Coronation Street in front of us – the woman was drinking her wine and smoking with the same hand just like Deidre. Her friend was wearing a tiara. Fitting.
After our pizza, we went to walk around and shop again. I found a nice red purse, basil, oregano, limoncello and 8 year old balsamic vinegar. Kelly got a sweet deal on silk ties – 5 for 15 Euro. Nice patterns too. We weren’t hungry for dinner, but there’s always room for gelato. Kelly somehow spotted a place from the opposite side of the store. Someone has x-ray vision, Super-gelato-man. Place called Davide and it was good. I had a dark chocolate (and it was dark) and something that was a Sicilian something or other that I couldn’t distinguish. Kelly had caramel and black cherry ripple. Both really good. We grabbed a couple of large Peroni’s and headed back to the room. Kelly’s watching Columbo in Italian. Guess you don’t need English dialog to figure out the plot. Tomorrow, hopefully the boats are running to Positano. Ciao.

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