Saturday, October 16, 2010

Rome - October 13, 2010

After 16 hours of travel, we arrived in Rome! We boarded a British Airways 747 last night and what do I see? stairs leading up to, presumably, first class or heaven. Well surely, we were meant to go up there where everyone is beautiful, drinks scotch and relaxes in a hot tub. That’s first class, right? Sadly, we’re in cattle…. so instead of exit stage right, it was to the left to semi-reclining seats. At least we still got the care package of sox, toothbrush & paste, eye shades and a pen (not even BA branded). I got to watch Sex and the City 2 while Kelly went for the classic, Live and Let Die (and the A Team, but we won’t mention that). I’m sure my movie had a wayyy better story line.
We didn’t sleep well but I’m sure they were sleeping like babies in first class - bunch of tootsie fruitsies (for you Craig Ferguson fans). A few hours in, somewhere over Greenland, I wake up and feel ill. Too warm and my stomach is a bit upset. As I’m entering the galley en route to the washroom, I faint. Yup. Done. Down. No recollection. Lucky for me, there was a male flight attendant right there who caught me on the way down. The nice people of BA tended to me and after a few minutes I felt well enough to go back to my seat, with Kelly’s assistance. I really think that I would have felt better faster had I been  in first class, not that I’m beating a dead horse here…. Just sayin’….
Flight into Rome was mostly non-eventful. Thunder storms right over the Fiumicino airport. So we do some laps around the block for about 20 minutes then land. Rain had subsided by the time we went out to the crazy cab drivers but came down in buckets during the trip. We ended up taking a minivan with Captain Chaos driving and five German passengers with us to our hotel. They were a chatty bunch but could have been talking about the Leafs for all I know. A couple of things occurred to me during the drive  1) I wonder how much body work has been done on this van given the tailgating and cutting off that’s a sport and 2) how many people die on motorcycles and scooters. Man, they’re really taking a risk on these roads. The chick on the scooter with her purse hanging from her arm – days are numbered.
Checked into the Westin Excelsior, a wedding gift from my parents, and came up to the room. We were out on the balcony discussing finding something light to eat when room service showed up with a nice bottle of Chianti (sans fava beans) and a wonderful selection of cheese and crackers. All courtesy of my parents. What a thoughtful gift and was just perfect for dinner. Kelly’s about 2 minutes from zzzzzzzzz ville so time to sign off until tomorrow’s adventure.

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