Tuesday, October 12, 2010

...and we're off!

Four months to the day of our wedding, we're off on our honeymoon to Italy! Currently, sitting in the Premium Plaza lounge (which isn't so premium). When we got here, we had the entire lounge to ourselves. Poured myself a glass of Naked Grape merlot, out of a 2 litre bottle no less. Guess it's better than the gala keg.... A few minutes later, another couple rolls in and where do they sit? Yup, you guessed it. Right beside us. Soon to be our new best friends, I'm sure. I'm waiting to see what beer the dude drinks first. Anthing with "lite" or "lime" and the friendship is off, buddy.

So we packed our two red Heys 30" bags - and didn't even fill half in either of them, which means..... MORE ROOM FOR SHOPPING! Whooooo hoo! I see boots, shoes, purses, scarves, clothes, art & wine making the journey home. Oh, and I'll save a wee little corner for Kelly's purchases. Afterall, his clothes do take up way more room than mine, so it's only fair. :)

Time for some more Naked Grape and some prezels. These prezels are making me thirsty....

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